Mar 09, 2018
Heather Hans
How to Turn Our Troubles into Triumph

Introduction of Heather Hans

Our speaker believes that we can all learn

                How to Turn Our Troubles into Triumph

Heather will share a riveting personal story and inspiration that she promises will have us all looking forward to achieving our most challenging goals.

Heather’s ideas can be used with any type of personal or professional difficulty.  You can start using them as soon as you return to your home or office.  Heather is a great believer that our greatest successes do not come in spite of our pain, but because of it.

Leaving a successful career as a CPA and university instructor to follow her passion, Heather became a licensed psychotherapist, holistic healer, and was ranked in the top 1% of social media influencers worldwide.

She earned master’s degrees in Social Work and in Business Administration, prior to founding her company, Love Heals Productions, LLC, in which she has produced over 350 inspirational videos.

Our speaker is the author of the book:  The Heart of Self-Love; How to Radiate With Confidence.  She has been featured in magazines, including Forbes, Fast Company, Miss Millennia Magazine, and was named a “Self-Help Guru” by New York Magazine.

Please help me welcome our speaker . . . Heather Hans!