September 2013 was normally when the Rotary Club of Mead had their annual Sugarbeet Festival. This past year, however, due to the devastating flooding they cancelled the event and turned their attention to helping local communities.

One by one,the Sugarbeet Festival sponsors were contacted and authorized the club to keep the Sugarbeet Festival sponsorship money and use it to help local victims.

So, the Mead Rotary took sponsor and club funding of $3350.00 and submitted an application for additional funds from the Colorado Rotary Flood Disaster Relief Fund and applied $6700 to help families get back on their feet after the flood.

The Mead Food Bank stepped in to help with food, shelter and money. They worked hand-in-hand and helped establish the Milliken Food Pantry. This close working relationship led to an awareness of specific families in dire need. Mead Rotary offered support in the form of money, labor and materials. Much of the money has been spent on the rental of roll-off dumpsters.

More families are awaiting FEMA approval before they can move forward with the demolition of their mobile homes. Steve McCarthy, from LifeBridge Church wrote on behalf of the Johnstown and Milliken area these words to express his gratitude.  “Words can’t express the emotional and psychological grief that comes when a family has to spend money to facilitate the demolition of the home that they’ve known for a long time. It is truly an ‘insult’ piled on top of their ‘injury’. When organizations such as your Rotary club can remove that financial burden, the relief the family experiences goes far beyond the monetary.  Your contribution has a deep and lasting positive impact on these families.”

Demolitions will continue over the next few months. If you have time to spare and want to lend a hand, please contact Steve McCarthy (Lead Pastor, LifeBridge Church) from the Johnstown/Milliken Rotary Club at

Photo caption: Dale Rademacher from Rotary Club  of Mead helps demolish a mobile home in Milliken, CO.

Article submitted by Marge Mercurio (Mead Rotary)