The Rotary Club of Mead recognized two students on December 17th for their service, character, leadership, engagement, extracurricular participation, and scholastic achievements.

Mason McClellan and Sydney Tompkins are Seniors and both were nominated by Mr. Chad Lemons, Band Director at Mead High School.
Congratulations to Mason and Sydney for being Mead Rotary Students of the Month!
Sydney and Mason shared a little bit about themselves during the recognition ceremony that was held at the High School.
Sydney Tompkins
"Over my years of being at Mead High School, I have been part of numerous activities. I have played for both the girls tennis team and basketball team, as well as being a member of the marching band for all four years. These have really shaped who I am and what I’m interested in. After only a year of playing sports, I decided to end my sports career and just be a member of marching band. I will admit that COVID had a very negative impact on me both in school and out of school. I needed a push to remind myself that I had potential, and Mr. Lemons did an amazing job of that. Because of him I am proud to say that I have found some of my best friends and mentors. I have learned how to be more than just a leader, but someone that people want to approach and that they can look up to. Mr.Lemons has given me the support that I needed, I was lost and had many doubts surrounding college. Now I have been accepted into both of my dream schools, Fort Lewis down in Durango and CSU, and I am excited for other offers. He has inspired me to make a change, even if it is little. I will be attending college for environmental science then hopefully go into a career for environmental law. Mead High School has shown me that I am more resilient than I thought I was. I have grown as a person, and I am ready to take on the challenges to come."
Mason McClellan

"I’ve been involved with many different activities in my time at Mead, though mostly music related, I have done things like run the book club and edit for the newspaper. The major programs I’ve been apart of are: the marching/ symphonic band like likes of which I’m currently a section leader for, I’ve been the jazz guitar player for three years now, I’ve done the spring musical pit for the shows of the past few years, and I’ve done a fair share of preforming with the choir. Though there've been equally as many little things I’ve done, those are what I’m most proud of. Other than that, I don't do much outside of school.  I love mead high school because it’s allowed me to meet some of the most important people in my life, I’ve met my partner and all my friends here, and I’ll forever be grateful for that. The teachers that have been most impactful to me are unsurprisingly are those in the the music department. Mr. Lemons, Ms. Koehler, and Ms. Berry have all provided me with so many incredible opportunities that ill forever be grateful for.

Next year I’ll be attending CSU to major in Biology and eventually I hope to progress through their Bio Medical Science program and graduate from CU Boulders Anschutz program with an MD. I would like to someday work in a place like Longmont United Hospital as an orthopedic or general surgeon. I’m so glad to have been at mead, it's truly made such a lasting impression in my mind."