The Rotary Club of Mead recognized four students on February 25th for their service, character, leadership, engagement, extracurricular participation, and scholastic achievements.

Elsa Burgesser, Kohdie Powers, Claire Adams, and Aaron Loera are Seniors who were nominated by Mr. Chad Lemons, Band Director; Ms. Rikelle Berry, Choir Director; Mr. Tim Root Science; Ms. Shannon Martenson, English; and Mr. Martin Clark, Social Studies at Mead High School.
Congratulations to Kohdie, Claire, Aaron, and Elsa for being Mead Rotary Students of the Month!
Kohdie, Elsa, Aaron, and Claire shared a little bit about themselves during the recognition ceremony that was held at the High School.
Kohdie Powers- nominated by Ms. Rikelle Berry

“At the start of my high school career, I never realized how fast everything would go by. The number of things that not just the people in this room have endured but everyone else that goes to this school, I feel that we can all agree that Covid and school was a struggle -- Everyone has a different experience. Still, the one thing that I know I could always count on was the people around me, more so the teachers because they endured this change just as much as everyone; some of the teachers that kept me sane was two of the teachers I love the most; Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Hedlun these are people that I would always go to about everything. I struggled and avoided my problems for the longest time because I was scared, but the people always there for me were these two. They push me to be my best even when I don’t make it easy for them. Mrs. Hedlun went to me to look at college and make sure that I have looked at it just in case because we don’t know what the future holds. She just wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t regret the decisions now because I didn’t care. I started to apply to colleges around the state, and more realized that passing was essential; even though I don't know what I would like to do for a post-secondary school, I just know I will never regret it because of her. Now... Mrs. Berry, I have known you all or close to my high school career. You have taught me how to live the life that im living and never care what others think as long as you are happy. I remember emailing you last year because I was scared to cry in front of you, but now I know I should have; it was a struggle sometimes, and she made sure I knew I was loved. Every day she tells us before we leave that we are loved by her, and it makes all the difference. It may not be for me every day, but she is the change in the world. Someone could hear those words, and it changed their life forever. The choir has been my life for four years now and was the best decision I ever made. I am one of the class presidents this year. It helps me with lettering points and helps with all the fun activities that we got to put on as a family every year. Together with all the choirs, even if you don’t know someone, we are a family. It’s one of the best things to be a part of because you may not talk with them at school, but you know we will always come back to the choir we love and leave with the memories we have made. I still see choir kids coming back and taking time out of their day just to come to hang out and see everyone. I work after school. It is probably one of the most challenging things to time manage, but it's something I do. Working as hard as I did after school, I built a credit score and got enough money to buy my first car and many other things that have been a fantastic accomplishment for me. Time management was one of the hardest things to figure out, but after three years, you start to get it down, and I feel incredibly prepared and also not prepared for what graduating in three months has to bring to me. This school has had its ups and downs but never failed me on what I could learn. The family I have built over the years has made me realize the unique part of high school is. It’s not only the family and fights, but it’s trouble the fun and just the memories that you get to make with hundreds of brilliant people."


Elsa Burgesser- nominated by Mr. Chad Lemons

“My name is Elsa Burgesser. Over the past 4 years I have been involved with Softball, Marching and Symphonic Band, and Track and Field for 4 years, and Soccer, National Honors Society, Posse, and Swim Team for 2 years. My favorite part of Mead High School is the tight-knit community. The teacher who has been the most influential for me is Mr. Lemons. His passion for music and the way he leads our band program to be the family that it is, is truly inspiring. After graduation, I plan to go to college to study Electrical Engineering, and hopefully to concentrate in Mechatronics.”


Aaron Loera- nominated by Ms. Shannon Martensen and Mr. Martin Clark

"Hi my name is Aaron Loera. I have attended Mead high school for the past for years and this is a little bit about me. I have participated in a number of sports including basketball, cross country as well as varsity golf. I am also a member of NHS and FBLA. The thing that I like the most about Mead High School is the community and how everyone makes you feel so welcome right from the start. Both Mr. Clark and Mrs. Martenson have been two very impactful teachers in my life. I would like to thank them for everything that they have done for me throughout my high school career, because of them I am a better person. I plan on going to college to study business and economics, however I am currently undecided on where I will be going.”

Claire Adams- nominated by Mr. Tim Root

"Hi my name is Claire Adams and I have attended Mead high all 4 years. I have played softball for all four years of high school, starting varsity since sophomore year. I have been a varsity golf player all four years as well as basketball for freshman and sophomore year. I have been an NHS member as an upper class-man as well. I like Mead high school because being a student athlete I feel very supported in school and being the best I can be both on and off the field. There are two teachers that have really stuck out to me. Academically, Mr. Root has always supported me and helped me learn the things that I am really interested in. Also, Mrs. Saenz has always been very close to me and someone who I will always remember and keep in touch with after high school. My future plans are to attend a 4 year school. I don’t have many plans other than that yet and my major is undecided."