Mead Veterans Flag Dedication Ceremony
Mead Veterans Flag Ceremony1

The Mead Veterans Flag Dedication Ceremony was held Wednesday November 20, 2013 at noon at the Mead Ponds on Welker Ave.

The Mead Rotary Club, Rotary District 5450, CPS & Sons, the Mead Community Foundation and the Town of Mead jointly funded the project. The Mead Rotary Club and local business CPS & Sons volunteered the time to construct the project. With the assistance of the Longmont American Legion Post 32, the flags of the five branches of service were raised along with the Colorado and US flags against the background of the Pledge of Allegiance, the American Legion bugler and a seven member gun salute honor guard on a beautiful Colorado day.

Mead Veterans Flag Ceremony4


Pictures were taken by Dan Dean, Mead Town Manager.


Mead Veterans Flag Ceremony8